Future Plans

The process of completing this portfolio has provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my working practices and achievements over recent years. It has been a challenging but beneficial experience, which really made me think about the day to day decisions and activities that come as second nature. My plans for the future include continuing to reflect on my working practices regularly through the blog that I started as part of the portfolio process. I plan to remain working with learning technologies in the Higher Education sector as it offers a great variety of experiences, and plenty of opportunity to continue my own learning as new technologies emerge. I am also keen to undertake some research activity looking at learner behavior in online learning environments through the use of learning analytics.


I declare that the content within this portfolio is an honest and fair appraisal of my work and competence. All work and evidence included is my own, and where appropriate I have acknowledged the work of my colleagues within the Multimedia Unit, the School of Health and Wellbeing and the wider University.