Monthly Archives: May 2013

The countdown begins … again

I said I would finish my CMALT portfolio before I went on maternity leave. Less than 9 months later I had Lily in my arms and no portfolio. I came back to work and pledged to have it finished by christmas. Who knew being a working mom was going to be so utterly exhausting?* I missed that deadline too. I thought I would have it done by my mid-term apprisal in January … I didn’t have it done then either (but then I didn’t really have a formal mid-term appraisal either). Now I have one, absolutely final, deadline to set myself. Tuesday 4th June. On that day it will be done. I have put it in my calendar and everything so it must be true.

The reason for the set-in-stone deadline is because on the 7th of June I have my annual appraisal and want it to be finished by then and in the process of being proof read by my CMALT mentor/cheerleader @RKChallen.

I am please to report that while progress has been slow it has been consistent and if I squint I can see the finish line on the horizon. That makes it sound like a race, which of course it isn’t (I’m only in competition with myself etc. etc.) However, the majority of it is now written and I’m just in the process of finishing the last couple of sections and popping in some pieces of evidence with a helping hand from some happy customer colleagues who are doing me some lovely testimonials.

It’s so nearly finished I can almost smell it. It smells like victory … and coffee.

Tasty cup of coffee.

Caffine – Helping Gemma to complete her CMALT portfolio faster and with more energy since 2011.

* apart from all the other working moms I know? 🙂